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How to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind

By | 08.05.2020

I had the same problem with my range hood vent louvers. I bought some of those self stick discs that you put on the bottom of furniture legs to keep them from scratching the floors, and put them on the back of each louvre so they wouldn't bang against each other.

It cut the noise down considerably. You must have a draught blowing through your house which is blowing from the bathroom to outside which is blowing them open from within. Your simple solution would be to change the hinged flaps to a fixed louvre or cowl, you will still get a draught but no noise. OR close the bathroom door to restrict the airflow. I think I am agreeing with Mike, but calling it another name. You need a cowl on the external side, which acts as a wind cheater.

They come in different shapes, sizes and designs, but most if not all DIY shops will know what you are talking about. Answer Save. Hoosier Daddy Lv 6. Favourite answer. Raging Tranny Lv 7. Replace the louvre with an attenuation grille. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Mike G Lv 4. Replace the exterior vent with a spring loaded hooded damper. Mike N. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.Log in or Sign up. Joined: Nov 14, I have a two-year-old home which has vent fans in the two bathroom ceilings.

We live in a windy area, and the flabber doors on the fans are often banging open and shut.

how to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind

The noise is annoying, but I'm also concerned about the heat loss in the winter. The fans are vented out the roof through a vertical pipe connected to the fans by an insulated flexible ducting above the ceiling.

I've tried weighting the flabber doors and that helps some, but I can't weight them enough to solve the problems without restricting flow during normal operation. So my question: Is there a fan model that incorporates a powered vent door that opens only when the fan is on? Or is there some other fix, perhaps something on the "chimney" that would reduce the vacuum due to wind? MoontoadNov 14, Joined: Nov 27, Occupation: ditto Location: humid summers hot, humid winters cold. We need a better solution.

Conserving indoor air instead of shooting it out through permanently open vents in the kitchen, the bathrooms and the dryer. Joined: Sep 1, Location: Ontario. The noise is because the flapper is hitting on a metal to metal surface.

Noisy Bathroom Exhaust Fan – How To Easily Fix Without Replacing

This foam strip will stop the noise considerably. Either apply this thin foam strip to the flap disc or to the edge that the flapper rests on, whichever is the easiest. HubeNov 14, Thanks, Hube, but not in this case. I actually tried that, but the flapper plastic pivots in a vent plastic pipe and doesn't actually seat against a flat surface. Anything I came up with to pad it would prevent it from completely closing and just add to the air loss. I'm in Minnesota, by the way, so sucking warm air out of the bathroom on windy days is a big deal.

I suppose I could just cover them up and not use them in the winter at all. Seems like surrendering to a poor design, though. I could buy new vents fans, but I couldn't be assured that I wouldn't have the same issue with new ones. Thanks for the suggestion. Joined: Jun 12, Louvered vent cover. VerdeboyNov 14, Thanks, Verdeboy, but not in this case. Sorry, I should have specified. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Anyone else? I can't believe this hasn't been encoutered and solved many times before.

Location: USA.Is your Bathroom Exhaust Fan squealing, squeaky, or noisy when you turn it on? Does it sound like something hitting or rubbing? Most likely you do not have to replace anything.

Cleaning, adjusting, or lubricating your bathroom ceiling exhaust fan will usually fix the problem. Here is how to stop a bathroom exhaust fan from making loud noise. The dirt and dust accumulate over time and can cause the vent to make loud or vibrating noises. Other times it may be that the fan or blower wheel that spins and expels the air out of the bathroom is out of adjustment and hitting the side of the exhaust housing and thus causing the loud sound.

If you are in need of replacing the complete vent fan with housing, please see here for How to replace the fan housing on your bathroom exhaust vent. See below for a step-by-step method to stop your bathroom exhaust fan from making noise.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Parts.

Bathroom vent flapper noise from wind

Do you need help fixing your bathroom exhaust fanstopping noise from your bathroom exhaust fanor replacing your bathroom exhaust fanplease leave your question below and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Braun fan started squealing like an alarm sound both when switch is on or off. What to do. Is it safe. I have a Panasonic ceiling fan in our bathrooms. The newest one is making a noise at the switch. There are 4 timed options and when any of them are pushed it makes a loud continuous noise. The fan runs but the noise is pretty bad. Can you help me resolve this issue?

Leave this field empty. This DIY "Do it Yourself" website was created by maintenance professionals and home renovating experts. Information contained within RemoveandReplace.This topic originated from the How to page called Installing wiring for an extractor fan.

If you need to find a tradesperson to get your job done, please try our local search below, or if you are doing it yourself you can find suppliers local to you. Log in or Sign up. DIYnot Forums. This constant banging back is really noisy so I am looking for a way of reducing or eliminating this. It is really cold here as we are in a very windy place, and so just removing the slats would make the bathrooms freezing cold!

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I had thought of putting some sort of pads or something on the slats but not sure where to start with this! Thank you in advance for your help! HarrietK11 Nov If it is the external grille you could try changing it to a standard grilleand fit something like this in the ducting, but you may find you still get the same problem if you are in a very windy spot. If you still have trouble then you will have to fit a fan with a built in electric shutter, such as an Aidelle Icon Fan.

Vent axia do them too. RF Lighting11 Nov You could try an external fan cowl type, these also have either self-closing slats or a flap; and come in white or brown. Jaymack12 Nov Like this which is what I use.

how to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind

They have a single large flap under the cover and are somewhat protected from the wind. I live on the coast and it is quite windy. I hate the ones with little flaps like venetian blinds, they're always rattling, and fall off in bad weather. JohnD12 Nov I've siliconed a couple of m10 bolts on the bottom of the flap in the past.

This is sometimes just enough to stop the wind lifting the flap but not enough to prevent the fan opening it. I've got the same problem with my kitchen extractor fan, even though the outlet is sheltered from the wind.

how to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind

I might try fitting one of the backdraft shutters mentioned earlier and see if this helps, but if it is air pressure imbalance causing the problem then it probably wouldn't help in my case. During my more creative moments when my engineers head is on I've pondered over the idea of trying to cobble together something using a small solenoid acutator to actually hold the flaps shut when the fan isn't running.

Should be easy enough to do in theory, but it's one of the many things I never seem to get around to doing SparkyMarky12 Nov We had the same problem and cured it with small amounts of draught excluder strips. Cut a few small strips and stick them to each flap. Works a treat! I know it's about 2 years since this post was created, but to answer SparkyMark's question, you get Anti Back draught dampers on a certain on-line auction site. Clicky I've got the same problem, but my hob pipe is blooming rectangular!

I use the cowl vent with a single large flap, and a cowl to reduce wind effects and throw off rain. JohnD5 Dec Resurrecting this old thread, But did anyone find a good solution to the problem? I have the Venetian blind type vent, attached to an inline shower fan. I still haven't worked out whether or not it's an air pressure imbalance or the wind lifting the baffles, or a bit of both. Ideally an electronically controlled one would be great.

Adrian8022 Dec Discussion in ' Builders' Talk ' started by sam-manAug 21, Log in or Sign up. Screwfix Community Forum. Extractor fan bangs in the wind! We have a cheap extractor fan fitted in new expensive bathroom above the shower. Unfortunately when it is windy the vent on the outside bangs very loudly in the fully tiled room. We wish builder had known about the ones that can be part of lighting system and then vent would have been in loft and would have looked nicer Short of replacing light and fan ruining tiled wall is there anything we can put on the outside of the vent to stop it banging in the wind?

We don't want one with no covers on the vent as they are even more draughty. Thank you for any suggestions that anyone has. Stick self adhesive rubberised foam strip to the underside of the vent flaps. If stuck vertical at intervals may use less tape thus reduce the weight a little.

The additional weight we are talking milligrams here will also jold it slightly better in the wind but either way it wont clatter. Charlie Far! It is common for builders to fit standard fans with external louvered vents or cowled flaps, but these regularly bang when the wind gets up and causes pressure differentials between the inside and outside of the house. I guarantee you no more problems and no draughts. Obviously some kind of shutter, but how do they work???

Thank you so much for all the suggestions we will be looking into them and doing something very soon. The shutters are fitted inside the extractor housing and are operated by a thermal actuator.

When the fan is turned on a small electric current passes through the thyristor and operates a plunger which pushes on the louvre arm and opens the shutters slowly and silently takes about 30 secs. When turned off the shutters silently close takes about 1 minute. As the shutters are inside the housing but in front of the fan you have the added benefit of things looking a litte neater and you dont have to look at all the dust building up on the fan blades, until you get round to cleaning it.

Bathroom vent flap making a lot of noise when windy - took video - suggestions?

They are available in all sizes, go on treat yourself. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Broan is a kind of company that specializes in residential ventilation tools. Among their product is a soundless air-ventilation fan hood also known as a range hood.

This range hood, which circulates the air in home, sue ovens or stoves. The ventilation process assists to remove the smokes, odors, and other contaminates from air within the kitchen and house at large.

However, the range hood may be noisy and in this article, I want to show you how to fix noisy range hood. This fix is specifically for the Broan brand, but I hope it can also work for other range hood brands on our list of the best kitchen range hoods. Before you fix a noisy range hood, you must understand what a range of hood is and how it works. This is basically a fan enclosed in canopy, which is then installed directly above the cooktop or range.

Click here to see examples of range hoods in our review of the best 5 dependable range hoods. A range hood is designed to remove odors, steam, heat, and gasses that are produced during the preparation of meals. For most people, air which is removed is released outside the house. But there are filtration system that can clean and recirculate air back into kitchen and while others have the ability to remove and trap the airborne grease.

Disclaimer: DesignsAuthority. If you do not carefully follow the instructions on how to fix a noisy range hood, fail to take necessary safety precautions, or doubt your abilities, do not attempt making any fixes on the range hood. Instead, hire some on who has the right knowledge. Range hood can be damaged and it will create noise when it is running.

The extra noise that is produced is because of the damaged fan. However, you can fix noisy Range hood and have a fan working as if it is brand new by following these guidelines:. That is, it. As you can see, fixing of a noisy range hood is just so easy by following those. You can do it by yourself. However, in following these guidelines, you must read and understand them.

On the other hand, it is best to hire some on who has the right knowledge on fixing vent hoods. This is for security and safety purposes.

We also have a great tutorial on how to hide kitchen hood venting. Check it out.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Cooker hood vent banging in the wind — sleepless nights Prev of 2 2 Next. There is an alley between mine and my neighbours house which is a bit of a wind trap, and my cooked hood vents into that alley, and bangs constantly in the night when it's windy.

I put a cowl over it but the wind still passes the cowl and bangs the hinged flap.

how to stop extractor vents rattling in the wind

Does anyone have any smart ideas on how to stop it? Sleepless nights because of this so any quick help much appreciated. Thank you. Simpo Two 71, posts months. VX Foxy 3, posts months. I can't remove it as the wind just blows down the vent straight to the hood and makes the flap in the hood bang.

I can't flip the flap because it's hinged at the top? I'd have to turn the whole cowl upsidedown. What kind of vent is it? Glue something soft and flexible inside to absorb the banging? Something like a shoe brush or a sponge scourer? Disclaimer: I don't understand how that flap moves and the mechanism of the banging.

I think the wind passes the bottom of the cowl and creates a bit of a vacuum and the flap gets sucked outwards? Or wind is getting under the edges of the flap and forcing it out, very irritating. Wind is still getting in and banging the flap in the back of the cooker hood too. The joys of living up high in Scotland! Does the wind come from a regular direction? That cowl looks to have a square base - maybe turn it sideways? There must be some way you can physically screen it.

I'm not really sure what I could attached to the bottom of it to block the wind from that direction. Good point though. PAULJ 3, posts months. I got the same vent on my cooker hood and yes it flaps open and bangs but its not too bad, one night when there was a storm I went outside and shoved a tea towel in there to stop it. Don't want to hold it open as bees, wasps, flies, spiders, birds ect. I share you pain OP. LeadFarmer 1, posts 83 months. I once had a similar problem and solved it by sticking a small blob of blu-tack on the vent, so that the flap would close onto this instead.

Basil Brush 4, posts months. Can you put one of these in line somewhere and take the flap out of the cowl. Well all I can say is that my flap stopped banging when I turned it around

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